Organic Chemist

Organic Chemistry never made you sweat like this before—and it ain’t even exam time. Texas-based producer C. Ellis, aliased the Organic Chemist, packs venues with the same heat that swelters from speakers as his rapidly growing fan base jams a steady stream of dynamic releases, each as organically ill as the last.

Southern-bred and globally bound, Ellis bridges the gaps between trunk knocking dirty south vibe, jacking tech house and techno rhythm, epic euro progression, and rolling trance melodies. He brands his collection of aural euphoria “G-House” and “Trunk Trance”.

For years he’s rocked house parties, shows and clubs producing and spinning a growing repertoire of house and hip-hop projects while leaving a line of crowded dance floors and bopping heads in his wake. After a recent studio-focused hiatus, he’s breaking out the box and bringing a memorably unique sound to a system near you. Go easy now—the Organic Chemist is not responsible for musical addiction.



Ellis began mixing his audio-explosive concoctions in 2007, joined by MCs Chaseboi and J.U. and producer Todd Hamburger under his Organic Chemistry label. He aided in the recording and production of a number of informal mixtapes and basement tracks, himself making cameos on a select few under the alias Crimson Redd aka C.Redd.

In the following years, C. Ellis would venture out from the lab to soak up the splashes of the exploding modern dance music scene as it lapped the corners of the globe. Standing in the crowds of shows in Miami, Los Angeles and Europe, he especially took to the builds, rhythms and melodies of  trance, techno and house influences Simon Patterson, Umek, AVB, Diplo, Deadmau5, Tiesto, Markus Schulz and Neelix.

Ellis combines the influences of a cosmopolitan, Texas-bred music head into a sound all his own. He weaves these disparate genres and cultures into something of musical alchemy, transforming them into something fresh, genuinely brand new and truly organic.