April 7, 2012

New Mash-up!

My apologies folks.. So much has been goin’ on it’s been impossible to keep this site up to date. At the moment I’m working on a brand new set and full out revamp of my sound focusing on what I started in in this EDM scene with: Texas Trunk Trance. I’m pretty excited to be putting together something so new and refreshing and, well, CRUNK!

Neways here’s something for ya’ll in the meantime while I get my ish together. New free DL mashup. Enjoy!!

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March 15, 2012

What it do world?!

It’s your man the Organic Chemist here reporting live from the ridiculousness that is South by Southwest. This is my new webpage and will be the best way to keep up with Organic Chemistry Music. I just released The Emphasis EP- temporarily available for free download. Along with it I also threw down Wiggy Walk Vol.2: The Emphasis Live Mixtape – which is stream-able from the widget below, and will be available for download shortly. Check out the downloads page and the bio section as they are the only pages I’ve updated so far. I hope you dig the new tracks. Give me a shout on FB and let me know what cha think. Holla

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